3 Easy Steps

How To Get Your
Medical Marijuana Card in Washington DC

  • 1. Book An Appointment

    Schedule an appointment to see a licensed medical marijuana doctor through Get Canna Card. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with getting an appointment set, our team would be more than happy to help.

  • 2. Consult With A Doctor

    Consult with a Get Canna Card doctor for 10-15 mins to evaluate your ailments, and ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment.

  • 3. Get Your Card

    The state will process the patient’s application and will issue the card and email/mail the patient a copy of their medical cannabis card. Once you have your card in hand, you can begin purchasing from dispensaries in your state. patients will need to re-certify their license annually by seeing a licensed QMP (Qualified Medical Professional) again. Get Canna Card will get in touch with you when your certification is approaching its expiration to help you set up a renewal consultation.

What You Get Using Get Canna Card In Washington DC

Medical Cannabis Recommendation
Digital Cannabis Certification
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Cannabis Consultation
New Patients & Renewals Welcome
24/7 Customer Service

Just So You Know...

You can book a combo consultation with a friend or family member and you each get $10 off your appointment.

If you are not approved for a Washington DC medical cannabis card by a doctor for whatever reason, we issue a refund in FULL.

Your recommendation is valid for up to 1 year in Washington DC and you will need to re-certify your license with another appointment when it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You need to be a resident in Washington D.C. and show two proofs of residency.

To qualify for medical marijuana in DC you must be at least 18 years of age, have two proofs of residency, and have one of the qualifying medical conditions.

Get Canna card provides the DC physicians for you. The most difficult part of the process has usually been trying to find a practitioner who will approve you that is registered with the DC Medical Marijuana Program.

If you are not approved then your consultation is free. We entail a network of highly qualified medical practitioners who are willing to evaluate any patient to see if they qualify for medical cannabis. If you are not approved, you are refunded in full.

Sign up using the form at the top of this page and we can get you approved in no time!

DC driver’s license, DC motor vehicle registration, DC voter registration; Utility Bill (not phone), Paystub that shows your address and DC withholdings; Mail from DC government with financial contributions or benefits on it; Lease or deed with your name and address on it; Tax documents with dc income shown; For students: a signed letter from your dormitory stating that you live there for the current semester

No, you can not. You can only get approved for medical marijuana from a practitioner that has registered with the Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Program. And for that, Get Canna Card provides you a physician so you do not need to go through your primary care physicians.

Yes, it does! DC allows people with Chronic Pain to be approved for medical marijuana use.

Any condition qualifies. There are a broad range of symptoms which qualify that the doctor will approve. Ultimately, any chronic or debilitating medical condition will be approved. Most generally fall under the following categories:

Issues Sleeping
Chronic pain

The cost is $99 and that covers your medical evaluation, your consultation with a licensed Washington DC practitioner registered with the state and an authorized certification for medical marijuana purchases.

Once you have received your recommendation, you can simply get to the dispensary of your choice and they will assist you in applying. You can call them before you arrive to see exactly what to bring.

DC has one of the most diverse medical marijuana programs, allowing all patients access to a variety of medical cannabis options. If you get your DC cannabis card, you get access to:

Dry Flower, Tinctures, Oils, Concentrates, Topicals, Edibles

Places to Visit in Washington DC After Enjoying Your Medicine

The most politically powerful region in North America, the District of Columbia is home to the U.S. president and worldwide foreign embassies. Millions of visitors annually and locals all year long enjoy D.C., home to the White House, U.S. Capital, and the Lincoln Memorial among other iconic buildings including some of the most famous worldwide galleries including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Arlington National Cemetery and World War II Memorial are popular tourist spots, along with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. While the list of D.C. indoor sites goes on, outside spots including The Mall and the United States Botanic Garden are within blocks. As for nightlife, D.C. is home to some of the U.S.’s notable restaurants and bars, where the political elite enjoy happy hour.

Symbolically beginning with the Museum of the Bible, tourists to D.C. spend days exploring the town’s free galleries. With ever-changing speaker series including Locating the Lost City of the Apostles to permanent exhibits like The Impact of the Bible, the new museum is one of a kind, among the other most notable like the Smithsonian’s two galleries including the Natural Museum of History and Natural Museum of African American History and Culture. All the museums D.C. are free, leaving locals and visitors alike all day long to study the past.

US National Arboretum
Within the outside art gallery of trees, including dogwoods, azaleas, and magnolias, sits the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, where Asia flora flourishes on U.S. soil. The iconic columns built-in 1828 still host picnics for patrons who decide to sit and enjoy a sandwich in the grass. Three pavilions also make eating and entertaining available in the gardens filled with colors. And if the weather is too cold to enjoy outside, stepping into everchanging exhibits in the on-site gallery is always an option.

Antietam National Battlefield
Located along Antietam Creek, Antietam National Battlefield is a National Park Service protected area that was the site of a savage battle during the American Civil War in 1862. The on-site Visitor Center is open year-round, and it contains a number of museum exhibits as well as a theater and a gift shop. Daily interpretive talks are given by park rangers all throughout the year, and during the summer, expanded versions of these talks are offered. Other places of interest around the battlefield include the Antietam National Cemetery, the Pry House Field Hospital, and the Dunker Church.

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